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What drives me

Pragmatic Utopian. I work to build the best future I can imagine, starting right here, right now, with what we have, having cognisance of Christopher Alexander's principle of 'structure preserving transformations'.

My over-riding concern is to work where I believe I can be most effective - having regard to Donella Meadows' "Leverage Points" essay - in contributing to the likelihood of that most improbable system - human civilisation - surviving the next century or two.

Key text - "A Transcender Manifesto".

Current focus

The intersection between my capacities, what needs doing and the way in which it needs to be done is where I focus. At present, this directs me toward the development of digital tooling to address the systemic drivers of extractive culture.

 I am working on all aspects of Collaborative Finance.

The cultural understanding of money as a reified uber-commodity that is necessarily scarce lies deep in the systemic drivers of our extractive, competitive, auto-destructive economy, which acts like a semi-autonomous, out-of-control machine for turning the biosphere into dollar tokens.
This needs to change.

At heart, though, I remain a designer.

Out of control
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CV / timeline




  • Owner, Dil Green Architect - projects to £1M, 2000-2015
  • Founder, Trustee, The Family School, 2005-2010
  • Owner, Design Led Construction - projects to £300k, 2002-2008
  • MJP Architects 1994-2001. Design lead for £20M Wellcome Wing
  • Co-Founder and worker, Brixton LETS community currency, 1994-1999
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